About the Artist

Message from the artist

I have wanted to be able to express myself as an artist for all of my life.  I remember when I was almost out of high school coming home and telling my parents that I wanted to go to school and be an artist.  My parents weren’t so excited as they couldn’t see how anyone could be able to make a living “doing art”.  So I did what most girls did back then — I got married.  I did various jobs until my son was in about second grade and then I was able to be a stay at home mom.  I loved it  —  I was able to volunteer in my community and still be able to go on class field trips and attend all extra-curricular activities.
I have done almost every craft known —  all in an attempt to feed my creative urges.  I love to draw and for a while I drew for a rubber stamp company when that was first popular in the 1990’s.  I love to paint but always end up being overly critical of my paintings and would get frustrated and quit again.  I love to do calligraphy. I love working with copper wire creating pieces for my jewelry and wall hangings.  I am an avid crocheter in the winter months and in the last couple of winters have made afghans for every family member and a lot of my close friends.
On the last trip back from visiting my son’s, my husband and I, were talking about what we wanted to do over the next few years and I told him I had found fluid acrylic painting on Pinterest and would like to give it a try.  The next thing I know  we found canvases on sale at our local craft store and he was filling our car with them!  I kept worrying about how much it was costing and he just bought more!  I starting “playing” with the fluid acrylics and loved how I had little to no control over the outcome of the paintings.  I could pick the color, blend the paint with the mediums etc. but the paint would pretty much do whatever it wanted!  I realized that this was a lesson for me in letting go of control.  I figured if I could let go with this technique then perhaps I could do it with other methods I had given up in the past.
Before long I had a basement full of me “letting go” (laughs) and I started giving them to family and friends.   My wonderful husband decided we should start a business.  I said what if no one buys anything? He said if it is making you happy I don’t care.  He told me I needed to come up with a name so I thought of a conversation we had had about “The Lord of the Rings” and how this was the third age of man.  I figured that I went through my childhood and then motherhood, so I was also in my third part of my life.  I have run out of excuses and have to at least try and be the artist I had always wanted to be…. so Third Age Productions was born.  Productions was my husband’s contribution to the name because he knows that I love to do many different things and that painting is just one of them.
My husband got busy making this website, getting all the business things in order.  This is his first web page so be patient with us as we learn how to navigate the www and all that entails.  He is a molecular biologist, researcher, and professor so if he overlooks something remember he is a busy man wanting to make his wife’s dreams come true!
It is my hope that anyone that buys something I have created will find that their lives are enriched.  I am going to try and blog on a regular basis — and I will be interested in hearing from all of you!
Sincerely with love of all things beautiful inside each one of us,